Boycott Apartheid Israel! Protest the Israeli Film Festival in Perth

On 28 August, the AICE Israeli Film Festival, co-sponsored by Luna Palace Cinemas, is set to open at Perth’s Cinema Paradiso. We call on all those who oppose Israeli apartheid to join us for a protest at the opening night.

A6 leaflets for the event to be found here.

Israeli Film Festival Perth copy

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Join us on August 16th for another rally supporting Gaza!

After a month of Israel’s military offensive, around 1900 Palestinians have been killed. FOPWA will be rallying again this weekend. We call for an end to the current massacre, an end to the blockade of Gaza, and a boycott of apartheid Israel! The rally will be held at 11am on Saturday, August 16th, in the Murray St Mall.

Click here for A6 leaflets advertising the event.

gaza leaflet august 16 front

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Next protest in support of Gaza this Saturday

Israel’s massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza has continued, with the death toll now exceeding that of Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9. We must not stand for this! Come to FOPWA’s next protest against Israel’s massacre in Gaza this Saturday, August 9 at 11am.

A6 leaflets have been made available on this page once again: Click here to access them.

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Perth protests against Israel’s massacre continue

Israel still shows no sign of ending its latest campaign of slaughtering the Palestinians in Gaza. Friends of Palestine has once again called a rally in solidarity with Gaza to be held on Saturday at noon. Material for the event is available once again.

Click here for leaflets

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The next rally for Gaza: July 26th

Israel has continued to escalate its latest massacre against the Gaza strip, and Palestine solidarity activists must voice their opposition to Israeli war crimes even louder than before!

FOPWA is organising another rally in support of Gaza for this Saturday. JOIN US and call for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestine.

For those who are able to print off material advertising the next demonstration, follow this link for an A6 leaflet template.

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Perth to rally again in solidarity with Gaza!

Stop the bombing! Stop the killing!
Free Gaza! Free Palestine!

Protest this Saturday, 19 July 11 am Murray Street Mall

Gaza, a part of the Palestinian occupied territories, is now engulfed in a humanitarian catastrophe. Whole families have perished as Israeli military strikes rain down on the besieged territory. Since Israel launched ‘Operation Protective Edge’, on July 8, at last 180 people have been killed, a quarter of whom are children. More than 1000 have been injured, two thirds of them women and children.

This is just the latest chapter of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Israel’s seven-year blockade has cut off Gaza from the outside world, resulting in severe medical and food shortages. For over 3 weeks, in 2008-2009, rivers of blood ran through Gaza streets as over 1400 Palestinians were killed, including over 330 children. White phosphorous and other chemical weapons were used in civilian areas, contaminating land with a rise in cancers as a result. In late November 2012, 180 more were killed in the week-long attacks.

We call on the Australian government to condemn the Israeli attack on Gaza and to lift the siege. We demand sanctions be imposed on Israel, including diplomatic and trade sanctions. In addition, we join with Palestinian civil society, and an international solidarity movement in calling for support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Printable A5 leaflets for the events are to be found here.

For leaflets in A6 format, click here.


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Join the Perth protest against Israel’s latest war crimes!

A major emergency is now engulfing occupied Palestine. Gaza is once again the target of a bombing campaign by Israel. Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge”, launched on July 8, has so far killed 72 people, including at least 15 children, and has injured over 550 people.

Israel has announced it will escalate its offensive on Gaza. It has already lined the border with tanks and has called on 40,000 reservists to provide support for a possible ground invasion.

Since June 12, when the Israeli government launched ‘Operation Brother’s Keeper’, hundreds of military raids have been launched across the occupied West Bank, invading homes, refugee camps, Palestinian charities and universities. At least a dozen Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank, and many more injured. 560 Palestinians have been detained and at least 200 are still held without charge. The number of children held in Israeli jails has risen to 250.

The Israeli government has alleged it’s military offensive has been in response to the disappearance of three Israeli settler youths near Hebron. Yet the Israeli government suppressed news of the youths’ bodies being found in order to prolong the military operation. Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Hamas, despite having no evidence linking the group to the killings, and used the incident to provoke a campaign of brutality and lynchings by Jewish settlers. On July 2, Israeli settlers kidnapped and burnt alive a 16 year old from the Shuafat area of Palestinian East Jerusalem and Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Israel’s attacks on Palestinians, in both the West Bank and Gaza, constitute collective punishment, a crime prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. In response, Palestinian anger is escalating, and the occupied nation is today on the brink of a new intifada.

Join protesters around the world to demand freedom for Palestine.

We will be rallying on Saturday 12 July, at 11 am, in the Murray Street

Join the event on Facebook by following this link:

Double-sided A5 leaflets for promotion of the event are available via this link


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FOPWA Constitution

The constitution of Friends of Palestine WA (FOPWA) is available via the following link:

FOPWA Constitution

A link to the Constitution is now also included at the bottom of our About Us page.

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People of Gaza film-screening, with leaflet

Next Tuesday, FOPWA will be holding a screening of the film, People of Gaza. The film gives an insightful glimpse into the many issues facing the Palestinians of Gaza, as well as their determination to resist Israeli occupation. This event is well-worth attending for all those who support Palestine.

A leaflet design for the film screening may be found here

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Perth Al-Nakba demonstration 2014: Report-back and photos

On Friday evening, May 16th, FOPWA held a successful protest action to commemorate al-Nakba. Around 70 people attended, a similar number to last year. Speakers covered a range of topics, from Palestinian refugees to the current BDS campaign. This was followed by an energised march around the city.

We have not forgotten al-Nakba here in Perth, and we will keep demonstrating until Palestine is free!

Photos for the event (courtesy of Ayman Quaider) can be found below:


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