About Us

About Us

Founded in early 2007, Friends of Palestine WA is a community organisation dedicated to promoting the cause of Palestinian self-determination; educating the Western Australian public at large of the history and current plight of the Palestinian people; providing humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine; and organising festivals and other events in celebration of Palestinian culture.

Our Aims and Objectives,

as passed by the Annual General Meeting in February 2009 are:

FOPWA calls for:
1.1 An end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian occupied territories in accordance with UN resolution 242 and numerous other UN resolutions;
1.2 An end to the Israeli siege of Gaza;
1. 3 An end to all settlement expansion in the West Bank and the dismantlement of all existing settlements;
1.4 The removal of Israeli road blocks and check points and an end to all Israeli restrictions on movement of either Palestinians or Israelis in Palestine-Israel, especially in, but also to or from, the West Bank and Gaza;
1.5 An end to house demolitions and land seizures by Israeli military and civil authorities;
1.6 The demolition of the apartheid wall;
1.7 The right of return of all Palestinian refugees;
1.8 Equal human rights for all peoples living in Israel/Palestine;
1.9 Sanctions to be imposed on the state of Israel by the Australian government until the occupation of Palestinian territories is ended in accordance with UN resolutions.


Click here for FOPWA’s Constitution

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